The World Science Fiction Convention And I (And You?)

I will be at Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention, in San Antonio, Texas this weekend!

In addition to attending the Hugo Awards ceremony (my novel THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON is up for Best Novel) and being on panels (contemporary Sword and Sorcery, writing a series), I will be giving a reading. Schedule details here.

I don’t expect to use the entire hour of my reading slot, however. Thus the main reason for this post: a sort of unorthodox, last minute talent search/mini-showcase. I will have 10-15 minutes of extra time on my hands during my Worldcon reading. And I figure I might as well use them to boost a newer writer. So:

If you  are a fantasy or science fiction writer of color with no more than one book* out…
And you are able to get to Worldcon in San Antonio this Sunday, Sep. 1st @ Noon…
And you’d like to read with me to an adoring crowd of maybe seven or eight people…

Then email me at and tell me a bit about yourself and your work. No need for anything at all formal, just a few lines about you and/or what you write.  I’ll pick a co-reader as quickly as possible,  based on my own opaque, capricious, obscenely subjective set of criteria.

Now the neat part: Thanks to the generosity of an *incredibly* awesome donor who will remain anonymous for now, a Sunday day pass to Worldcon will be provided for you!

Check out cool panels and readings! Meet some awesome writers! Attend the Hugo Awards ceremony! Read your own work to an audience (possibly a tiny audience, but still) of dedicated SF/F fans! Avoid using exclamation points as gratuitously as I!

Questions can be directed to the email address above. See you in Texas!

*Note:  You needn’t have a book out, or even be professionally published yet.

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