“Hooves” is now a Podcast

Well, this is neat:  A free audio version of my Nebula-nominated short story “Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela” is now available at the very popular and very awesome fantasy podcast site Podcastle.  Extra-neat is the fact that it’s read by Rajan Khanna, fellow member of my writers group Altered Fluid and pub companion par excellence.  Go on over and give it a listen!

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  • We need exposes along the lines of these bogus 'ex-Muslim' stories. "I was raised in white America, you wouldn't believe the horrors I saw.",
  • Looking forward to all the longform pieces about how white America needs a Reformation to bring it into the 21st century.,
  • did you know that before 1950 only ex-hobos with a proven record of murder were allowed to play santa claus ,
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and thoroughly satisfying debut.”