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Well, hello there, folks! Been a while. Here’s what’s happening with me: – THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON is coming out in audiobook! Brilliance Audio’s production will be released on Feb 7, the same day as the hardcover edition of THRONE! – The first review of THRONE has hit the stands - a starred review in PUBLISHERS WEEKLY! […]

Novel Critique Service

Novel Critiques by University Instructor and Professional Novelist Saladin Ahmed FINALLY hand over that novel you keep tinkering with – and get a detailed, professional opinion. Turn your rough 50K word manuscript from NaNoWriMo into a publishable novel. Give the ultimate writerly gift to the aspiring novelist in your life. I’m currently offering my professional novel […]


  • Context for bourgeois talking heads pointing fingers at "anarchists" in Ferguon... ht ,
  • ZOMG IS THIS AMERICA? As if there's no US history of martial law. As if most of that tactical gear wasn't fucking MADE in the US.,
  • About to unbox this with the kids. ,
“An arresting, sumptuous
and thoroughly satisfying debut.”