Monthly Archives: January 2011

Upheavals and Updates Amidst Awards Season, starring Saladin Ahmed as “The Bad Friend”

Heya hey good people, Long time no speak! Other than tweeting links and inanities, I’ve been pretty much dead to the world the past month or so. No site updates or LJ posts/comments. Obscenely (no, seriously, *obscenely*) behind on email/phone correspondence.  To be quite honest, lately I’ve been – IRL and online – a bad […]


  • Literally blaming critics and protesters for murder, *but not the actual killer.* That takes a special kind of nerve.,
  • "Communiest." (yes, this is real and making the far-right rounds right now) ,
  • Working class people of color dying on the front lines of someone else's war against poor people of color. Where have I heard that before?,
“An arresting, sumptuous
and thoroughly satisfying debut.”