Monthly Archives: January 2011

Upheavals and Updates Amidst Awards Season, starring Saladin Ahmed as “The Bad Friend”

Heya hey good people, Long time no speak! Other than tweeting links and inanities, I’ve been pretty much dead to the world the past month or so. No site updates or LJ posts/comments. Obscenely (no, seriously, *obscenely*) behind on email/phone correspondence.  To be quite honest, lately I’ve been – IRL and online – a bad […]


  • Here's a Crescent Moon Kingdoms story about theology, loyalty, and the pressures of being a girl swordsman. ,
  • Mornin'. (One thing I love about English is that one can say "Have a good morning" without even saying an entire word.),
  • Vader has Siri installed on his chest computer, except it's his own voice. ,
“An arresting, sumptuous
and thoroughly satisfying debut.”